IoT - Engineering for Building, Utility and Energy Management Control Systems

At Hunter Pacific, we believe that providing our Clients with the most complete solutions requires exploration of your end goals in relations to the current conditions. We maintain a highly qualified staff of engineers with experts in the fields of economics, mechanical, electrical, and Energy Management. Supporting you with a multidisciplinary staff of engineers to interpret, design, and solve the most complex problems.

From applying basic engineering methods, teaming with experienced control companies, providing current assessment and implementing new alternatives, Hunter Pacific offers our Clients state of the science solutions.


  • Microgrid, Inadvertent Export, Interconnect

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

  • Utility Monitoring Control Systems (UMCS)

  • Direct Digital Controls (DDC)

  • Building Control System (BCS)

  • Energy Management Systems (EMS) (AWEMS)

  • Automated Control Systems (ACS)

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At Hunter Pacific, our teams work from within and advocate for you, our Client. Ensuring executable projects are delivered based on your goals.  Whether we’re developing value engineering, cost estimating reviews, schedule analysis and strategic planning, we bring a thorough, trusted process and a fresh perspective to your team. 

The Result:  Bringing successful executed projects and making a lasting impact.  Our comprehensive construction management services are tailored to your teams’ goals, keeping in mind the unique objectives and challenges you address each day. 

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While many approach designs as meeting industry standards, Hunter Pacific views design as an understanding of your facility goal and objectives with the delivery of executable projects.


In support of your team, our highly qualified staff of architects and civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers strive to interpret, design, and solve your facility’s most complex issues.


Using proven methods for architecture and engineering combined with deep expertise in federal standards, we support your team with site analysis, facility studies, bid documents, schedules and cost estimates thru commissioning. 




Every Base has unique programs with many facets:  We understand the challenges associated with keeping those running smoothly and efficiently and listen to you to ensure success.

With our highly qualified program level management, quality control and site safety personnel supporting your staff. Our comprehensive services are tailored to meet your facility goals, keeping in mind the unique objectives and challenges your staff addresses each day.

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